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הפלגה בסרדיניה ספט' 2012

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ספטמבר 2012






22.9.2012 - Day 1

Visit to Terranova Shopping Center in Olbia for basic clothing and cosmetics for the three crew members whose luggage didn't arrive.

Left Portisco Marina at 16:00 for a short (windless) voyage to Cala di Volpe; arrived near dusk, anchored in bay to enjoy the first of a series of gourmet meals on board.

23.9.2012 - Day 2

Heavy fog and no wind. Sailed with engine to Cala de Lunga on Isola Razzoli, arriving at 15:00. Anchored for the night.

Striking rock formations and swimming in turquoise waters.

Dinner – pasta with sardines in honor of Sardinia.

24.9.2012 - Day 3

Fog in the morning. A short sail for an early arrival in Bonafacio where we found a berth in the Marina. Wonderful views of old town and citadel. Long walk through town to cemetery that overlooks the sea on one side, the bay and inlet to the marina on the other.

Moules and pommes frites for lunch in small restaurant in town.

Ask whether there is hot water before paying 2 Euro for showers in the Marina!

25.9.2012 - Day 4

Left Bonafacio at 11:00. Breakfast at small bay to the west of Bonafacio, then sailed back to Sardinia, to Santa Theresa marina. A very noisy ship-building enterprise sent us out again to look for another place to spend the night. We anchored in Marmarrata Bay, near the small island at entrance, far from the huge hotel.

Dinghy to shore to drink Campari at dusk.

26.9.2012 - Day 5

Left Marmarrata in the morning, sailed to Cala Pozzo and moored to buoy for short swim and breakfast. Continued to Cala Gavetta, Isola Maddelena. Finally a day with good winds for sailing.

Marina – we were practically on the main street of the city, but the town was picturesque, the showers were excellent, and we enjoyed a good fish dinner in town.

27.9.2012 - Day 6

Filled up with water and petrol, then left for the western and northern coasts of Maddelena Island. Lunch in Cala Spalmatore on the island’s east coast, with interesting rock formations and good swimming.

Continued to sail down the eastern coast of Isola Caprera. Excellent winds, and good sailing.

Anchored in Porto Cervo in bay,outside marina. Dinghy to shore to tour fancy marina.

28.9.2012 - Day 7

Semi-foggy wintry weather. No sun, but good winds: sailed from 10:00 to the southeast, then turned back to reach Portisco Marina at 15:00.

Wine, cheese and ideology for final dinner on board.

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