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Placing your yacht for sale with Tashoot Yacht Brokerage

List your yacht professionally

Placing your yacht for sale should be conducted in a clear and professional manner. Providing a full, detailed description of the vessel for sale, helps to present professionalism and reliability to potential buyers, around the globe.
The yacht purchasing arena often begins with a wide internet scan in an attempt to locate the proper vessel, according to the buyer's specifications and budget. Our aim is to display your vessel in a manner that will make it visible within the immense pool of second hand yachts for sale. Presenting your yacht in a professional manner creates more interest in the boat, in comparison to similar vessels (same price and specifications) that are presented "less well" during the same time and market conditions. Clearly it can be stated, that a professional looking presentation results in better response and consequently advancement of the selling process. Other parameters that influence the sale include the vessel's global location, its condition and price. These parameters are the central elements in the decision making process of a potential buyer and providing this information, in full, quickly and professionally, has an immediate positive effect on the sale process of any yacht.

On the importance of providing comprehensive, detailed vessel's information

Provision of extensive, detailed information on the vessel begins with a general review on the vessel, its type, designer, shipyard, and sailing history. This shall be followed by a detailed description of the vessel configuration (the cockpit, cabins, decks, heads, galley, salon, etc) and a clear "walkthrough" that provides the potential buyer a clear "understanding" of the vessel. The second component includes a well organized listing of the existing equipment including age and condition (130% Genoa, 2007, never used). A meticulous, professional list constitutes an important tool in the decision making process of a potential buyer, and accelerates the sale process.

Pictures, pictures, pictures

One of the most influential decision making tools for a potential buyer involve the scope and quality of the vessel's photos. It is essential to present a series of detailed pictures of the boat under sail, at dock, external views, and a variety of interior photos. According to need and based on the type of vessel, other photos of the engine room, the A/C units, the electrical panel, etc., may be added.
The photos must be of good quality (proper lighting, sharpness, etc.) to adequately convey the visual information.

Pricing and vessel evaluation

Pricing a yacht is not an exact science and the boat's price is influenced by its location, condition, age, the market conditions and the alternatives that are for sale at the specific time. Also important are the will of the buyer to buy and the seller to actually sell the yacht. The ability to accurately assess the value of the boat is very important in promoting its sale. Boats with an asking price that is too high (with respect to the parameters listed above), are not sold and a while passes before the boat owner realizes the error. Many additional parameters should also be considered in the determination of a realistic value. These may include VAT, current mooring location, the need for shipping, and so forth.
The ability to professionally assess the value of the boat significant affects the amount of time it would take to sell the vessel. The "general rule" is that under-priced vessels are sold quickly and yachts that are adequately priced, are sold in a "reasonable" amount of time. (Hence, when possible, taking your time and not being stressed for immediate cash, is also advisable).
Radically over-priced boats are not sold. The market prices for second hand yachts are considerably influenced by the prices of new boats. The new boat market establishes clear market prices that are routinely updated by the various vessel manufacturers. These price lists, constitute the basis for the calculation of the depreciation parameters that help determine the value of used vessels. All these have a profound effect on the value of a yacht and to advance the sale of a specific yacht, a precise evaluation of the vessel's value should be conducted. This shall accurately present the realistic value of the vessel both to the buyer and the seller.


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